Former NASA astronaut describes his experience in space

ELLISVILLE, (WDAM) - The final spring lecture of the Charles Pickering Honors Institute at Jones County Junior College was held on Monday. It featured a former NASA astronaut that described the preparation he went through to get ready for two space missions.

Retired Navy Captain and astronaut, Winston Scott, spoke to a group of JCJC students about his space missions on the Columbia and Endeavor space shuttles. On those two trips into space, Scott was the flight engineer and also conducted tests and experiments as a space walker on those missions.

During his presentation at JCJC, Scott described his background as a naval aviator and then as an astronaut, detailing the extensive training he went through to prepare himself for space travel. Scott could only describe actually being in space as different from anything else he had ever experienced before.

According to Scott, "It's incredibly beautiful up there to see the earth, the stars, other planets and the sun rise and set over and over and over again in a 24 hour period of time. Continuous weightlessness is something you would never experience unless you go into space. It's just different."

Scott also discussed the recent budget cuts by the Obama administration to the NASA space program. He said he was concerned about the United States falling behind other countries when it comes to space exploration.

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