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Anti-abortion protestors rally in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A group of anti-abortion protestors rallied Monday morning outside of Planned Parenthood center in Hattiesburg.

Holding signs and issuing pamphlets to drivers, the anti-abortion advocates said they were trying to raise awareness.

One of the protestors representing Pro-Life Mississippi, Cal Zastrow, said, "We're also campaigning for the Personhood amendment that's on the ballot this fall, it's number 26, it defines the word 'person' as a human being at fertilization. We think Mississippi should lead the nation in protecting every pre-born baby by love and by law."

The protestors said they would move to an intersection near Turtle Creek mall for evening rush hour.

The Planned Parenthood center in Hattiesburg does not provide abortions, but does provide referrals. The center does provide pregnancy tests, emergency contraception in the form of the "morning after pill" and other birth control options.

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