Nathan Key's parents to continue work for school bus safety

By Charles Herrington -  Bio | Email

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Andy and Lori Key often spend time at a small memorial at their Houston Road home near Laurel dedicated to their 5-year-old son Nathan, who was struck and killed by a passing motorist in 2009 as he stepped off his stopped school bus.

The Keys still feel pain over the loss of their son, but that pain was tempered somewhat Saturday, when the House of Representatives finally approved Nathan's Law, a bill named in honor of Nathan, which will toughen penalties in Mississippi for passing a stopped school bus.

That bill now heads to the governor for his signature.

Although the Keys worked tirelessly for 2 legislative sessions to pass Nathan's Law, their efforts to protect children are far from over. Now, they say they'll turn their attention to working with a new task force created by the bill which will look at ways to improve school bus safety.

"It will actually be studying processes, procedures and safety equipment, to look at the best ways to pick-up kids, drop-off kids and also, if there's any new or better safety equipment for the buses," said Andy Key.

"I'm really pushing for cameras to be put on the outside of our school buses," said Lori Key. "With the cameras, it will be much easier and a significant help in being able to capture one who decides to pass a stopped school bus." Key said.

Once signed, the bill will take effect on July 1st. Governor Barbour is expected to sign it sometime this week.

Dominic Gebben, the man convicted of killing Nathan, received 20 years for manslaughter and 2 years for fleeing the scene of an accident.

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