Laurel pay raises pulled from Tuesday's agenda

By Ontario Richardson – bio | email

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) -  A long awaited vote on a pay increase for two Laurel city employees was place on a back burner...again.

Tuesday, Laurel Chief Administrative Officer Dennis Keveryn, requested the council pull from the agenda an order asking for a pay raise for his secretary and the mayor's secretary.

This is the third time the item has been pulled.

Keveryn said the administration doesn't seem to have enough support from the council for the order to pass.

Laurel citizen, Faye Jackson, said "The people feel that they need a raise too. Don't give anyone a raise if you don't include everyone.  I rather you keep selling the city short than making other employees feel that they don't matter."

Keveryn said it is not a pay increase but a pay grade increase.

If the order was ever approved, both secretaries would received nearly a $4,000 pay increase.

Keveryn said the administration will bring this matter back to the council during the 2012 budget hearing.

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