Convention Center hosts drug court graduation

By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

It was a full house Monday afternoon at the Lake Terrace Convention Center. The Forrest and Perry County Adult Drug and DUI Court held it's graduation ceremony, hosted by 12th District Judge, Bob Helfrich.

Graduates held signs representing things they'd lost because of addiction, and new things they have gained by staying sober. Guests of the ceremony were even entertained by one of the graduates. Helfrich says the program is about second chances and recovery.

Helfrich said, "To see the transformation in these individuals who are otherwise non-violent, their criminal activity was addiction related, and to be able to give them a second chance is incredible. It saves taxpayers money, but most importantly, it saves lives."

19 graduates walked across the stage after 3 years of drug court, and Helfrich hopes each one of them continues to be successfully sober.

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