Barack Obama's former pastor speaks at local church

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The controversial former senior pastor of Barack Obama's Chicago church spoke at a Hattiesburg church Sunday morning, denouncing America for what he called the country's lies and attacking the media for allegedly using him to try to sabotage the President's 2008 campaign.

The Jeremiah Wright spoke at Shady Grove Baptist Church during a 6th anniversary service for church pastor Reginald Woullard. Wright was senior pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ for 36 years.

President Obama attended that church for years before the 2008 presidential campaign. But, he distanced himself from Wright after video surfaced showing him criticizing America.

Wright retired as the church's senior pastor in May of 2008.

Cameras were not allowed inside for Wright's sermon Sunday, and he declined to be interviewed.

Wright said America lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and said the media tried to use him as a weapon of mass destruction to try to destroy Barack Obama's campaign.

Wright's controversial comments came near the end of an otherwise positive and upbeat message about overcoming adversity through the love of Jesus Christ.

Wright is scheduled to speak at a revival at the same church on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.

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