College students donate Spring Break to volunteer

By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

Spring break in college usually means a trip to the beach, or a visit with the folks...but not for the alternative spring breakers.

14 students from Connecticut College are volunteering their week off by building houses in Hattiesburg for Habitat for Humanity.

It's called the Collegiate Challenge, and this is the 6th year the Hattiesburg Habitat for Humanity has hosted students. The students are working on houses for two families in the Celeste Place subdivision, and say the entire week is a rewarding experience, but the best part is hearing from the homeowners.

Tessa Engel is a senior at Connecticut College, and said, "For me, this is my fourth time doing it, and it's something that's near and dear to my heart, and we have a great time, you know, just volunteering on the site and getting to know the future homeowners."

Kelsey Taylor is another student volunteer, and she said, "You get a lot out of it, it feels good to come down here and to give back, and everyone's really thankful for us coming down here and we also get a nice little vacation out of it, good weather, coming down from New England, so its just been a lot of fun, and also very rewarding."

The Hattiesburg Area Habitat for Humanity plans to help more than 7 families secure decent housing this year.

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