Queensburg residents upset about being displaced

By Ontario Richardson – bio | email

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Jones County flood is not sitting well with some Queensburg citizens. Nearly a 120 families have been displaced because of the rising water. Resident, Terrence Walkers said many residents thought this problem had been resolved.

"Old people are saying this problem should have been taken care of back in the 70's when there was a flood before, stated Walker". He added "I am just looking at the city officials like what are you all doing up there in office with the money."

Walker said, the water began to rise at his home on Palmers Avenue around 9:30 Thursday night. He said many people are saying "suck it up, it's an act of nature".

Walker said the city should have built levies after the city flooded in the 1970's.

Meanwhile, Laurel Ward 7 Councilman Trey Chinn said the water rose higher than anyone expected in the Queensburg area.

Chinn says, everyone was evacuated but many of the roads are not accessible and residents should not try to return home until Sunday.

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