Emergency management monitoring storm potential

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Emergency management officials in the Pine Belt are hoping for the best, but planning for the worst when it comes to Tuesday night's expected severe weather. Tuesday afternoon, many of them gathered for an update from the National Weather Service.

They're telling us we could see several inches of rain in parts of the Pine Belt and winds up to 75 miles per hour, with large hail and tornados also possible. Don McKinnon, director of Jones County Emergency Management, is warning local residents to be prepared.

"Everybody in the viewing area should pay particular attention to the weather tonight, as the night goes on and be particularly watchful and attentive when you go to bed," said McKinnon.

"Make sure that you have a plan should something happen very quickly, that you had to move quickly and take cover and protect yourself and your family. So, by all means, don't take this as a light event," McKinnon said.

He said officials will also be monitoring rivers for possible flooding.

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