Troops Return Home from mission in Iraq

By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

Smiling faces and colorful signs welcomed home the 2-185th Aviation Regiment from their mission in Iraq. 55 soldiers from southern Mississippi got off the buses and were welcomed home with open arms to friends and family.

Robin Brannan said expecting her soldier/husband was surreal until right then. She said, "Until he gets here, you just don't believe it. We are so excited to have him home."

Brannan and her three girls described how hard it was to be away from their dad for an entire year. Robin says keeping him around in spirit was the best way to keep her family positive, "There were good days and bad days, for the most part we just tried to, we talked about him a lot and made sure they didn't for get about him, and we looked at pictures, and we talked to him as much as we could, and we just kept him alive in the house and made sure that he was still there with us."

The families weren't the only ones excited, though, soldiers say they've missed both big things like family, and small things, like, well, yardwork. Soldier Larry Huff said, "It's great! I get to see my family! This one's about to graduate, so I got home just in time for that, I know she's glad so I can start keeping the grass cut like it needs to be."

Major Marlon Brannan said, "I'm very excited, obviously to see my family and get back to work, and do the other things that I haven't been able to do for the last year.

And even better news for the troops, Command Sergeant Major, Teddy James, says it was mission accomplished. "We had a bunch of young heroes with us. And everyone did an outstanding job. The mission kept having tasks added to it, and even with the limited number we had and the limited resources, all of our soliders came through it great, they set a new standard for others to follow."

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