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WDAM VIewpoint - Lybia and the U.N.

In the wake of Libyan dictator and psychopath in chief, Muammar Kaddafi, killing large numbers of his own people—along with other unspeakable atrocities—the United Nations has taken the drastic step of kicking Libya off their Human Rights Council.  That must have been something of a slap in the face of fellow members such as Cuba, China, our ally of convenience—Pakistan—Saudi Arabia and a few others.  You have to wonder just whose idea it was to put this rogue's gallery of nations on the Human Rights Council anyway.  That would be tantamount to putting Michael Vick on the Humane Society.  Oh, wait, he's every dog's best friend now.  Sorry for being politically incorrect.  Anyone who thinks ole "Mo-Mar" hasn't been torturing and tormenting his people for years has to be smoking some of the same stuff he and Charlie Sheen are on.  In fact some of their statements sound strangely similar lately.  Probably attending too many "bunga, bunga" parties together.  Wait…I forgot…Libya has a lot of oil.  That will get you on the Human Rights Council and anything else you want at the UN anytime.  What a joke of an organization.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's my "viewpoint"…let us hear yours.

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