The Hattiesburg Police Department says it's not in the babysitting business

By Ontario Richardson – bio | email

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Police Department is speaking out about allegations that the recent Remington Hunt Club shooting was gang related.

Hattiesburg Public Information Officer, Sergeant Alan Murray, says that is simply not the case and that the club owner needs to take responsibility for it's own problems.

Murray says the police never received information that there would be alleged gang trouble at the club Saturday night and there was only one officer doing security checks in the area when the shooting occurred.

"When that officer was around there to do that security check that was the Hattiesburg Police Department taking our measures to make sure something didn't happen.  It's on them. It is their responsibility.  If they are going to hire security for the inside of the club and they know there are problems on the outside of the club, they need to hire security for outside the club as well. It is not our sole responsibility to babysit a club."

Club attorney Wayne Hynum says a minimum of four employed security guards are always in the parking lot.

The City of Hattiesburg was stopped in its efforts to close the nightclub by the courts. However, they are still working with a committee made up of area club owners, city administrators, and community leaders on ways to stop the violence at night club.

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