Attorney: Club not to blame for shooting

By Mike McDaniel - bio | email

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - As the search continues for a known gang member , the Laurel Police Department says Ricky Dean, 26, is known very well to authorities and has the record to prove it.

Dean, of Laurel, is accused of shooting Bobby Moffett, 21, also of Laurel, outside of Remington's Hunt Club in Hattiesburg early Sunday morning. Police say Moffett was shot twice in the chest and is currently in stable condition.

"Remington's has done everything they can," said club attorney Wayne Hynum who insists the club isn't to blame.

"As far as records of having any violent problems, Remington's has a much better record then most of the other clubs in town," said Hynum.

Hynum says police were actually on scene before the shooting even happened and for a reason.

"It's my understanding that they were anticipating that there would be some gang trouble there that night and so they had a higher visibility there that night," said Hynum.

Hynum says the shooting was not the result of anything the club did or did not do, but rather because of Hattiesburg's inability to control the violent gangs coming in and out of the city.

"My point is that when you have the Hattiesburg Police Department on scene and something like this still occurs that just goes to show that it's going to happen regardless of what my client does or not," said Hynum.

The Hattiesburg Police Department was unable to comment about that night since the police chief was reported to be out of town on Tuesday. Since the shooting many folks took to Facebook wanting the club closed for good, something Hynum says wouldn't solve the real problem.

"Remington's has done everything reasonably possible to protect the safety of their customers. I think something needs to be done about the gang problem. That's really the problem that caused the incident this past weekend."

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