City of Hattiesburg: "We apologize" for stench

The Following is a Press Release from the City of Hattiesburg....

For  far too long, an odor  has permeated the City of Hattiesburg  and negatively affected the quality of life  we all have come to expect and enjoy.

The Mayor and City Council are working diligently together to resolve the odor problem and other issues at the wastewater treatment lagoon. We are confident that we can identify and eliminate the source or sources of the odor problem and are taking steps to correct it as soon as possible.


  • We are working to eliminate a major contributing factor, part of a long-term solution proposed by wastewater experts engaged by the City.
  • We are making operational changes – appropriate for a city of this size – to our wastewater management system.
  • As a short-term measure, we will begin using new chemicals at the lagoon and taking other measures that should reduce the smell.
  • We have retained the services of engineers and attorneys who have expertise in areas of wastewater treatment and environmental issues.

Our plan is to put an end to the odor and other lagoon problems once and for all, and to do so in short order.  Our citizens are concerned, and rightly so. Quite simply, they deserve better. We know now that we must change the form in which certain waste by-products are introduced in the lagoon if it is to operate in a manner that meets our needs for wastewater management without creating odors that are offensive.

We apologize for the extraordinary length of time it has taken to isolate the cause, and commit today to taking whatever measures are necessary to ensure not only that the odor is removed as quickly as possible, but also that it does not return.  Towards that end, we are aggressively pursuing a solution that is both effective and permanent.

To our citizens, we say thank you.   We appreciate  your patience, and we share your concern for the City of Hattiesburg and for protecting the lifestyle we share here.