Some Hub residents upset over sewage spill

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Some East Hattiesburg residents are upset with the city tonight because they say it took too long to clean up sewage which had collected in a neighborhood drainage ditch. Residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood say they called the city several times in the last 2 weeks, but nothing was done about it.

While we were videotaping a story on the issue, city crews showed up to flush water through the ditch. City officials told us the sewage was from a nearby ruptured manhole and they had been aware of the problem.

Late this afternoon, they told us repairs had been completed.

"If you know about it, why haven't you done something about it," said neighborhood resident Benita Conner. "I mean, this is raw sewage, manure, you understand. It's easy to see. How do you leave boo boo running down the creek to the water and the fish. That's not acceptable," Conner said.

"We don't want sewer in our drains, open sewer, that's not the right thing to do," said John Brown, assistant to Johnny Dupree, mayor of Hattiesburg. "If anyone even implies that the administration, mayor Dupree or the City Council wants sewer going anywhere, they are wrong. And we're going to address it as soon as possible and that's what we're out there doing today," Brown said.

He also said the city had to coordinate its efforts with the Mississippi Health Department.

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