USM Career Fair Attracts Students

By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

Southern Miss held its spring career fair today in the Thad Cochran Center. Students went booth to booth meeting potential employers from various companies. Career services marketing specialist, Lisa Parker says they hold the fair twice a year to not only teach students job hunting etiquette, but hopefully, help them find work.

Parker said, "We want to give students at Southern Miss the best opportunities possible to find a job. With the economy the way it is, its very hard to just drop your resume off and get a job, so we want to enhance their networking skills, teach them how to approach employers, and introduce them to people who are hiring."

Employers in everything from food to finance were at the job fair looking for valuable prospects. And surprisingly, a lot of the employers are currently hiring. Jason Prince who represents Target says young people are who they are seeking out to fill jobs.

He said, "The economy's down but we have a lot of opportunity at Target. We're growing, we're opening new stores in the market, so we're really here just to try and find some young, executive type people that want to come work for a great company."

And it isn't like the students aren't paying attention. Junior, Corey Reed, says the career fair is a learning experience, but also a beneficial opportunity.

Reed said, "Being here today I get to meet potential employers for the future, so when I do graduate from the university, when I do go apply for the job, they will have that face with that name, they will have already seen my resume, and they would probably be more comfortable hiring me."

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