Lamar County firefighters battle another large brush fire

By Jeff Daley

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Lamar County firefighters spent several hours Monday trying to contain a brush fire that burned more than 80 acres.

The fire was located behind a farm on Purvis to Columbia Road. High winds and dry conditions fueled the fire causing it to move quickly across the property.

The Mississippi Forestry Service was called in to plow a fire break around the fire to help get it contained.

"It got in the sage field. It took about five to ten minutes to burn off 40 acres and luckily we didn't have any exposures, houses or sheds on the other side of that sage field," said George Stevens, Fire Coordinator for Lamar County. "But we have had some conditions like that where there was houses so it's kind of hard to get equipment in place quickly enough to protect the property when you have those conditions."

County fire coordinators throughout the Pine Belt continue to urge the public not to burn when conditions are windy.

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