IHL commissioner speaks out about state budget and possible cuts

By Ontario Richardson – bio | email

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) -  The Commissioner for the Institution of Higher Education, Hank Bounds said he is hopeful about the proposed budget that is before state legislatures.

Bound said tuition increase on colleges for the next fiscal year were approved in 2010. He said because of the cost of living and all the other things that increases on a yearly bases, it was decision that could not be avoid.

However, Bounds said if President Obama's proposal to stop summer pell grants goes into effect it could hurt colleges and students throughout the state.

Bound said " I think that would absolutely devastating to a state like ours. It will be devastating to many students across this country. I am hopeful that we have good leadership that will prevent that from happening. Pell grants are the life blood for so many of our students to be able to get a college degree."