Homeless cat gets new lease on life thanks to Good Samaritan

By Jeff Daley jdaley@wdam.com

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thanks to a Good Samaritan the green eyed black and white cat from Collins who was found in an engine compartment at a Hattiesburg transmission shop last month has found a new permanent home.

A mechanic had just opened the hood of the vehicle to begin work when the scared cat jumped out and ran away. He was later found covered in oil in a closet inside the shop.

Employee Brenda Picumbe took the cat home with the intention of trying to find its owners. She contacted WDAM to do a story in order to get the word out.

Not long after the story aired she received a call from a woman she calls her Fairy God Mother.

"She called me up and left a voice mail telling me about a cat she had many years ago that had survived a similar incident and that she had the cat for the years and had named it Traveler," said Picumbe. " She said that if he needed a home she would take him in and would name it Rider, but after talking to me for awhile she said instead she felt the cat was where he needed to be with me and offered to pay for the initial expenses I couldn't afford."

The woman met with Picumbe and gave her $75.00 to pay for the neuter surgery and all his first shots. Thursday she took Rider to the Spay and Neuter Clinic for her surgery and then to the vet for the shots.

"I've known this clinic before and they offer lost cost, high quality spay and neuter services and the animals are always well taken care off," said Picumbe.

And to her unidentified Fairy Godmother she wants to say...

"Thank you so very much and I promise to give him a new home.

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