Unique First Date: Anna Tossy and T.J. Butler

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

ELLISVILLE, MS. (WDAM) - Anna Tossy and her boyfriend T.J. Butler met for the very first time at "Top of Class" 2007. They were both valedictorians of their Pine Belt high schools and chatted at the annual partnership between WDAM-TV and Jones County Junior College.

It turns out both then attended JCJC as part of the Charles Pickering Honors Institute. Tossy and Butler had many of the same classes.

"And he would annoy me like he would either sit behind me or by me and he would do things. And I was the shy proper girl that always did her homework and stuff and didn't talk in class, and he would do things like move my desk or poke me during class," explained Tossy.

Sure signs that Butler had a crush. However, the pair could not start their dating relationship just yet due to their parents.

"Cause of school plus the distance and all," said Butler.

Butler is from Collins while Tossy hails from Beaumont.

Tossy said, "Finals were coming up and they were like you don't really need to start dating him until the summer because you'll have more free time."

Also, because both were part of the honors institute, they were traveling to Spain as part of a class trip in May 2008. Butler said every evening they would have free time to explore Spain. Tossy said one night they were in the city of Toledo.

"We sort of went around that night and sat on a balcony and just talked because it was our first time to really like be on a date," said Tossy.

On their hotel's balcony they had a great view of the city. It was the first of many excursions in Spain and Morocco. Butler was a true gentleman helping Tossy pick out souvenirs. The pair have continued their relationship and both graduated from Jones. Although, they will always treasure that trip to Spain.

Butler said, "That's what I always think about. Is how better of a way to start off a relationship than something like that."

Tossy is currently pursuing her studies at Southern Miss, while Butler is concentrating on his career.

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