Unique First Date: Brynn and Jonathan Strickler

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

ELLISVILLE, MS. (WDAM) - In 2006, Brynn and Jonathan Strickler of Ellisville got married and had a beautiful wedding in Laurel.

Jonathan Strickler said, "Shortly after our first date, I took a shoe box and taped it up with duct tape and cut a little bitty hole in the top of it and starting sticking money in it from a dollar at a time, two dollars at time to save up for an engagement ring for her."

But first, they had to get through that first date. At the time, both Brynn and Jonathan were Juniors at Southern Miss in 2001. They shared a class together and Jonathan worked up the courage to ask Brynn on a date. He drove to pick her up at her home in Laurel.

Brynn Strickler explained, "He got there early to meet mom and he didn't know at that time that I'm never on time and I'm always late so he had to spend a little more time with my mother."

Jonathan planned to bring Brynn on a date to the Olive Garden which at that time was located on the Mississippi Coast, although he had to meet mom beforehand.

"And as I got in the door I said hi I'm Jonathan and I got in there, and she was sitting like stumpy and grumpy is what I call my mother in law she's about five feet tall. In a high winged back chair and she had her arms crossed and she goes "sit," said Jonathan. "And she watched me walk to the couch and just stared a hole in me."

Jonathan says due to the fact that he was fifteen minutes early for the date and Brynn was running fifteen minutes late, his future mother in law simply sat in silence for an uncomfortable half hour.

Brynn continued the story, "She was not excited about boys that wanted to date her daughters because her daughters were her babies and she didn't want anybody messing with them or taking them away from her so she was not excited to meet him at all."

After the pair made it out of the house they had a wonderful time at Olive Garden. When Jonathan dropped Brynn off, his future mother in law was there to greet him and make sure he showed up bright and early the next morning to accompany the family to church.

"And for the next five years she was exactly the same. Sharon never warmed up to me. She was never mean, she was never rude but she never accepted me would be a fair way of putting it. And then five minutes after we got married totally different woman," said Jonathan.

Jonathan Strickler said both his mother in law, Sharon and her husband Jim are very accepting of him now and all four of them lived happily ever after in Jones County.

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