Hattiesburg resident is upset with dumping

By Karrie Leggett – email | bio

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -  Piles of trash is what Hattiesburg resident Barbara Harris has to see everyday next to her home.

"People are dumping whatever. Anything unwanted by other people, they are just bring it to that area, " said Harris.

Harris said the dumping on Currie street has been a problem for over a year and it is getting worse.

"People that are visiting are also have problems driving on the street. I am having problems because the stuff is coming so far into the street. Now, they're also starting to dump on to my property over the fence," said Harris.

Harris said she contacted the city for more than a year and nothing happened. We contacted John Brown, assistant to the mayor who said he knew nothing of the situation.

"I was unaware of the previous calls, but once we found out about it we immediately dispatched someone out there," said Brown. .

Now, Brown says the city's Code Enforcement Officers are investigating the site, and even using the vin numbers on the bumpers that have been dumped to locate whoever is responsible.

"This will not be given a violation notice, but we will site whoever we found out is responsible for this. It will go straight to an environmental court and we will fine them to the highest point that we can fine them," said Brown.

Whether someone is fined for the trash or not Harris has had enough, and wants an answer.

"I am tired. I have asked and asked and asked. Nothing is being done," said Harris.

"We are looking at ASAP. As soon as possible. If it is tomorrow it is not soon enough for us. So, as soon as we can we are going to get this cleaned up for her," said Brown.

Brown says clean up on the property should start this week.

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