Pride of the Pine Belt: Leslie Barger

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

HATTIESBURG, MS. (WDAM) - This weeks "Pride of the Pine Belt" features a first grade teacher that works to incorporate lessons about nature in her classroom.

Leslie Barger, a teacher at Oak Grove Primary School, was recently named Teacher of the Year for grades kindergarten through the sixth by the Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts.

According to Barger, "We found very quickly that working on our own garden increased their awareness of the community around them and their responsibilities within the community."

In 2008, Barger's conservation work began with a small grant to build what is called a Go Garden. It's a portable garden where kids can learn how flowers and vegetables bloom and ripen.

"They enjoy reaping the reward of a harvest. We've eaten slaw that we've grown, we've eaten carrots and radishes that we've grown, but more than that I think they enjoy the time outside and working together," said Barger.

On February 7th, Barger will be recognized by the Lamar County Board of Education for her work in teaching students more about the world they live in.

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