DuBard School hosts symposium on dyslexia

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

HATTIESBURG, MS. (WDAM) - Thursday at the University of Southern Mississippi, the 15th annual symposium on the learning disability called dyslexia began.

Hosted by the University's DuBard School for Language Disorders, the symposium brings together over a hundred educators, reading specialists and parents to better understand this condition.

One of the two day symposium's guest speakers was Suzanne Carreker from the Neuhaus Education Center in Texas. She spoke about reading comprehension and the challenges students with dyslexia have with decoding words and their meanings.

Carreker said the DuBard school has a world class reputation for helping students with language disorders.

"It is one of the premiere schools for oral language. They understand the importance of language and how important that is to reading. Just to be here and presenting is such an honor. I feel like I'm talking not to just the choir but to a choir of experts," said Carreker.

Carreker said the earlier students with dyslexia learn effective reading techniques, the more manageable their condition is.

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