Egyptian students talk about protests back home

By Karrie Leggett – email | bio

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM)- Four million people are demanding one thing during demonstrations in Egypt, according to Mohammad Hassan, a researcher at The University of Southern Mississippi.

"One major demand is the removal of Mubarak's regime," said Hassan.

Citizens like Hassan believe the 30-year rule of Mubarak's regime has led to depriving the people and an overall decline of living conditions in the country.

"He started to exclude good people from around him, and chooses corrupt people, corrupt governments," said Hassan.

The push for reform started with the country's youth, something graduate student Hanna Ahmed can relate to. She said she now fears for her family back home in Egypt.

"To talk honestly everyday I call my mother. If I ask her about my brother I say outside or inside. She says I prevent them from to be outside because I'm so afraid about them," said Ahmed.

Hassan said the Egyptian people have started a revolution and he hopes the outcome brings about a fair change in government.

"A system and a regime that we choose and we can change with a free election. A free and fair election," said Hassan.

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