IRS taps into Social Media

By Karrie Leggett – email | bio

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) -   In this age of instant gratification Gale York, owner of Jackson Hewitt, says technology is making his business quicker and easier.

"Electronics helps us a lot," said York.

Electronics is helping and revamping taxpayers with the Irs2go app for your I-phone and Andriod.

The Irs2go is just one of the conveniences of the modernized electronic filing. It gives taxpayers refund status and tips at a tap.

"Tax tips are available for those that want them. They will be in simple English, plain English so you can easily understand it. Also, its more convenient you dont' have to run in a tax office all the time. You can get it on your phone," said York.

By using Irs2go, instead of the IRS  following you, you can follow the IRS.

"Its knowing what the IRS is doing with your return and it's the modernized electronic filing that really gets the job done for you," said York.

Quite possibly the biggest benefit is less waiting for your money.

"The system that the IRS is working on now is going to replace their old legacy system where you had to wait a couple of weeks to get your money. We are getting people's money, some of them, in three days now with just the new system," said York.

Irs2go is just one feature of modernizing electronic filing that will take taxpayers beyond traditional channels.

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