Petal Landlord Defends Case of Unleashed Pit Bull

Living within the city limits has its perks, but if you have a pet, you must play by the rules. Leash laws are active within city limits across the state for both the protection of pets, and residents themselves. But what happens when these laws are broken?

Vicky Davis is the manager of a mobile home park in Petal, and she describes her run in with an unleashed pit bull. "It was not on a leash and then they said that that dog would not hurt no one, that's not true. That is not true. I am the one that had the problem with the dog...and I know what the dog was getting ready to do to me. And then the dog runs up the road getting ready to eat my husband up, and it was either the dog or us."

Davis manages the Forrest Gardens Mobile Home Park, and says defending herself and her tenants from the dog landed her in the big house. She says, "I never once shot the dog. Before they got there, the dog comes blundering back out, and then he runs the other way...when he did, he comes around the trailer, I was standing right here at the edge, and he goes to jump at me, and when he did, I shot. I was not trying to shoot at him, I was trying to scare him. He takes off behind two trailers, and goes up on the porch of one of my other tenants, and was fixin' to have him for lunch."

Davis says the dog was aggressive and dangerous, charging her and other tenants, so much so that Petal Police were called to the scene, then left before the dog was restrained.

"I asked him, 'what are we supposed to do if the dog comes after us, and he turned around and he said, 'I'm not sayin' nothing, but if the dog comes after you and he's in the road, take care of your business.'" And she says that, to her, "(that) meant to shoot the dog if I had to."

The dog charged again and was shot. Police returned to the scene and arrested Davis, charged with illegal discharge of a firearm within city limits, and killing or injuring an animal. Petal police Chief Leonard Fuller confirmed the charges and gives no further comment until the case goes to court February 15th.