A family gets their wish, a face to face interview with the Parole Board

By Sheri Falk - bio | email | Twitter

 Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM) - The State Parole Board is having a change of heart, in deciding to grant a face to face hearing to a family trying to keep their relatives killer behind bars.

As we reported earlier this week, Rose Gunter 62, of Jones County was murdered in 1983. One of her killers, Eric Fuselier was sentenced to life in prison and is once again up for parole. Gunter's daughter and granddaughter were told they would not get the chance to speak before the entire board, or attend Fuselier's hearing.

News 7 tried contacting the Board Chairman but never received a return phone call. However,  the Chairman did call the Gunter's daughter Brenda Housley Tuesday, to tell her they have decided to let the family speak to the board in person.

"They have granted me exactly what me and my family want, which is an interview in person with all of the parole board members present." Housely also said,  "we feel that by doing this, we're saying what my mother cannot say, we are getting her word out. I hope that other people that may be in this same situation will see that they do have a right  and they can speak to all of them."

Housley and her daughter will meet with the board next Tuesday, Jan 25. Fuselier's parole hearing is on Feb 1.

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