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WDAM Viewpoint- The food police are coming

January 19, 2011

To paraphrase the legendary Will Rogers: "If you tip the nation on its side all of the nuts will fall in Southern California".  Its truer today than it was in his day and a great many of the nutty things being done in California today are inspired by politicians.  The latest, not surprisingly, is more nanny state meddling in personal liberties and private enterprise.  The LA City Council last month effectively banned the construction of any new fast food restaurant in South LA----a low income area of the city. According to council members, the regulations are meant to encourage so called healthier dining options for people in the neighborhood.  This law, which unfairly targets franchise restaurants, is both intrusive and patronizing and presumes that the folks in that area are too stupid to be allowed to make their own dining decisions. It also reasons that those hungry for a hamburger won't travel to some existing fast food joint whose existence under the law has been grandfathered. Ordinarily we wouldn't be concerned with affairs in Southern California, but, alarmingly, the food police are actively proposing similar laws in other cities and it may not be long before the nuts start to roll in our direction…though I give our city fathers credit for having the good sense to stop the avalanche.  I'm Jim Cameron with today's Viewpoint.  Let us hear from you.

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