Alleged victim presses charges against Columbia police officers

By Karrie Leggett

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) -  Wesley Little says he received many cuts and bruises during an assault by a Columbia police officer last week.

Little says he went to Municipal Court to support a friend who was acting as his own lawyer. According to Little, after his friend questioned officer Kevin Haddox things got out of hand.

"My friend turned to the judge, and said I have no further questions if he is just going to lie. The police officer then jumped up and said, 'Boy you calling me a dang liar?' The judge told him then to calm down and get to your side of the courtroom. He did so, but he was pacing back and forth," said Little.

According to Little, Officer Haddox became enraged and shouted at his friend. Little says he then addressed the judge.

"I said, 'Judge, are you just going to let this happen? You are going to let him get away with this?' At that point he turned and started coming through the chairs at me. He yelled at me and told me I was under arrest for contempt of court, so I turned around and place my hands behind my back. He placed me under arrest, and I was in hand cuffs at this time," said Little.

Little says after he was cuffed by Haddox he was assaulted outside the courtroom.

"They threw me on top of the cop car and told me to get on the ground, and they were kicking me in the back of the legs. I was putting myself to the ground when they slammed me to the ground. One of the police officers had his knee in the back of my head just maliciously grinding it in the asphalt. Another cop pulled up and he got out and grabbed my feet directly in the air. All of my body weight was on my face while the other cop still had his knee in the back of my head," said Little.

Little says he is a UFC fighter, but he did not resist officer Haddox before or after the alleged assault.

"I am a fighter, but I was in the courtroom with the judge, and the D.A. and everyone else. As soon as he approached me I put my hands behind my back," said Little.

Little says he was taken to jail and charged with contempt of court, disturbing the peace and simple assault on a police officer. According to Little after he got out of jail he went to the hospital but not before he pressed charges against Haddox and Officer Chris Prine, who Little says was also a part of the assault.

Police Chief Jim Kinslow and Mayor Reed Houston both said they have nothing to add on to the matter since it is still under investigation.

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