Local Gyms See Spike In Membership Thanks to New Year

By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

We've all made one...that New Years resolution to get in shape...well, don't think you're the only one, gyms see it every January.

Patrick Irby of Anatomies says, "It's everybody, male, female, young and old. I mean, it's everybody. Generally, everybody has a renewed sense of purpose this time of year."

He says New Year's traffic has been a trend since the beginning.

"Well what happens at the new year is that you see an influx in traffic, and that's been the industry standard since, probably, this industry first came about. People will have a new sense of energy and focus, and they want to get in shape, trying to make New Year's resolutions, they want to lose the holiday pounds they've put on, and bottom line is you see old members you haven't seen in awhile and you can see new members as well."

The hardest part is staying motivated. Anatomies designs programs to discourage the dropoff and keep its members coming back by providing services like personal training and options for parents. Sometimes, the best way to avoid breaking that resolution is by not making one.

Denise Lane is a new member of the gym and she says it's all about her this year. "I've made the new year's resolution before to lose weight, and I would join a gym, and when I'd join the gym, I'd go for a little while and then stop, but this time I came for me, not for a resolution."

Whether you want to work off those extra holiday pounds, or change your lifestyle altogether, you're not alone.

Lane says, "I just wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, and I wanted to be able to lose down to a certain weight level and be able to maintain my weight."

...And keep in mind, you can join a gym anytime, not just in January.

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