WDAM Viewpoint- Grandma Scam

January 14, 2011

My wife was the intended victim of a telephone scam and I think it is in the Public's interest to know about it.  A person purporting to be our grandson called saying that he had gone on a quick trip out of the country with a friend.  Long story short they had had a wreck and he needed her to wire him several thousand dollars in order to leave the country.  This person claimed to be talking funny because of an injury to the mouth.  Turned out he was at home in another city and knew nothing of the call.  We ran the number down and it was in Canada.  We went to the internet and found this is a widespread money bilking hoax called the "Grandma Scam".

Many have given large sums of money…some their life savings.  They somehow knew a few facts about our family.  They didn't, however, know my wife or they would have known she wasn't about to wire a bunch of money overseas without more proof than they offered..though admittedly somewhat panicked about our grandson.

Let this be a warning.  These people find out just enough to throw you off…catch you unexpectedly…and prey on your emotions.  If someone calls you pretending to be a relative in trouble in a foreign country and needing money…make triple sure it is not a hoax.  A lot of people have fallen for this.  Thankfully we didn't…and we don't want you to either.  I'm Jim Cameron…let us hear from you.