Nathan's law to be introduced again; house member creates own version

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A new year and a new push in the legislature for a bill that's grabbed lots of attention across the state known as "Nathan's Law."

Thursday morning a news conference is expected at the state capitol where Senator Chris McDaniel will once again introduce the bill which he helped author.

The bill is designed to strengthen school bus safety laws and increase penalties after five year old Nathan Key of Jones County was killed after getting off his school bus.

"Nathan's Law" got the full backing from the senate last year but got tied up in a house committee, chaired by Representative Ed Blackmon, where certain penalties and requirements were taken out.

Meanwhile, Wednesday afternoon the house unanimously approved a similar bill which Blackmon says is in memory of Nathan Key, something the boy's mother, Lori Key says is completely unacceptable.

"When I realized that it really frustrated me that he would put that and introduce that with Nathan's name on that and my personal opinion is that he is playing games and quite frankly it is an insult to my child," said Key.

That news conference is slated to begin at 11am. The house version of the bill, will now go to the senate.

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