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Ice Storm Near Miss for Lamar County

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By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

Although conditions last night appeared to be getting dicey, or icy, as a winter weather system blanketed Mississippi, Lamar County got lucky.

Emergency Manager James Smith says, "It set up kind of over the top of us, and the front and the low pressure systems collided and kept it off of us. We definitely dodged a bullet on this one."

Smith says the potential for an ice storm threatened the area, but kept most folks indoors.

"The weather conditions were bad yesterday, rainy and nasty, cold, so I think most people stayed home. We did have some out last night, riding and looking, and going about their normal business, but they were safe and took their time with it, and it worked out good. "

And although there's still ice accumulation many trees, the roads are safe for travel, which wasn't exactly good news for kids trying to get a day off.  

Smith says he was in contact with the Lamar County Superintendent all night Sunday discussing school closure.

"We didn't see any road conditions that warranted not putting the buses on the roads, so everything was safe. The roads were pretty much dry. No ice on the bridges. We did have some ice on some elevated structures and trees, but nothing real significant."

However, not every Pine Belt county was so lucky. Ice on roads and power lines caused power outages in some areas, and even a few car accidents, but in all, the storm threat turned out to be greater than the damage.

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