Two Jones County communities carry highest fire rating

By Jeff Daley

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - With a fire rating of ten, residents and businesses in the Curry and Pendorff Communities are subject to paying the highest fire insurance on their properties.

The two communities are the only ones in the county who are not assigned to a fire district. Currently they both receive fire protection from District one, Ellisville, and Laurel through mutual agreement.

Because they are not annexed into a district they cannot qualify for the lower rating of eight which would bring lower insurance rates for the property owners and businesses.

FirE Coordinator Dan McKenna met with the board of supervisors Tuesday to address the problem and seek possible solutions.

"The rating bureau wants us to build a fire station and put a class A engine in there," said McKenna. "The board of supervisors would like a dialogue with the rating bureau regarding using Ellisville which is part of the system specifically to be annexing them into the district."

"We'll have to address that whatever we will have to do in order to keep peoples insurance at a rate that they can pay," said Andy Dial, Jones County Board of Supervisors President.

The board took action to get a petition with 25 resident signatures asking that Curry be annexed into the North East Jones fire district.

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