2011 Legislative Preview

By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

The 2011 Mississippi Legislative Session begins today. President Pro Tempore Billy Hewes was at the Visitors Center in Hattiesburg this morning and spoke about this year's outlook.

Hewes explains that there are several topics on the agenda, and they will focus on keeping things on time to avoid an extended session. He says that first and foremost, the budget is their number one concern, but one of his focuses also lies in re-districting.

Hewes says, "We're still in tough, very lean economic times, so we have to do the best we can with the monies available and not overspend, that's number one. Number two is redistricting. It is going to, I think, capture everybody's attention as far as with the population shift where our new districts are going to be created, where some might be lost, and just how they're going to look."

Hewes stopped in Hattiesburg to announce his political plans for the 2011 election year.

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