Laurel could end year without homicides

By Ontario Richardson – bio | email | Twitter

LAUREL, MS (WDAM )- The city of Laurel could possible end the year with absolutely no homicides in 2010. This is a drop from nearly a half-dozen murders just last year. Because of this Mayor Melvin Mack is deeming 2010 one of the best years his administration has ever had.

Mayor Mack said he is ecstatic to be running the city of Laurel. He said for the first time on his watch the city will be entering a new year without any homicides and that crime is at an all time low.

Mack said "As of this day we have not had one homicide in the city of Laurel this year. That is great you know. That is due to our police department getting up during a wonderful job."

Mack said he is also excited to be making repairs to the city's dilapidated water sewer system.

He said "We have an $11.5 million infrastructure project that's going on right now over most of Laurel."

Mack said the revitalization of downtown is still going on. He added "I know there has been six maybe seven buildings that were just purchased downtown."

He said sales tax revenue is also up; however, despite all the good that has taken place his heart remains heavy over job cuts earlier this year.

Mayor Mack said, "We suffered a budget crunch just like everybody else in the state and this nation. We had to lay off 16 part-time employees. We had to lay off 16 full time employees due to the budget crunch."

Mayor Mack said he's very optimist that the gloomy days of financial trouble for the city of laurel is over and he hopes that 2011 will play out to be just a great as 2010.

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