Protecting your pets from the cold

By Jeff Daley

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - With temperatures expected to dip once again into the low 20's Monday night people should take the necessary steps to protect their pets from the cold.

The most important thing to remember is bring your pets in from the cold if at all possible. If the pet must remain outdoors, provide some kind of shelter like a dog house that is wind proof and water tight. Also provide your pet with good thick bedding to help keep it warm.

"In Mississippi since it's not snowing here, we're not so worried about frost bite that folks are worried about up north," said Valerie Rachal, Director, Southern Pines Spay and Neuter Clinic. "But pets can still get hypothermia. It starts with shivering, and they get sicker. It can cause heart failure. They could go into a coma and they can die from it."

Rachal adds that your pets should be provided with extra food because they will need more energy to stay warm. Also make sure that they have plenty of water and it is not frozen.

For cats and older pets it is best if they are brought in as they are especially susceptible to the cold.

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