State Legislature to once again address passage of Nathan's Law

By Jeff Daley

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - When the legislative session begins after the first of the year, Nathan's Law will once again be on the agenda for state leaders.

The bill calls for tougher school bus safety laws and is named for Nathan Key who was killed by a driver who passed a stopped school bus as Nathan was getting off.

The bill got the full support of the senate earlier in the year but got tied up in a house committee where certain penalties and requirements were taken out.

State Senator Chris McDaniel co-sponsored the bill in 2010. He believes that once again it will have full senate support in the next session.

"It passed the senate unanimously," said McDaniel. "It wasn't that the house didn't like it. It was that one person in the house didn't like it and he happened to be a committee chairman. There have been minor changes, but the bill stands on its own. We anticipate it will pass unanimously again this year in the senate."

McDaniel believes the bill will become law if they can get it though committee and to floor for a vote.

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