Adequate fire protection lacking in Indian Springs

By Jeff Daley,

INDIAN SPRINGS, MS (WDAM) - A home in the small community of Indian Springs in the North West part of Perry County was heavily damage by fire last weekend.

Thanks to the efforts of two volunteer firefighters, the homeowners brother, and a garden hose, the home wasn't a total loss.

Residents there are frustrated by what they see as a lack of adequate fire protection in the community. The community has its own volunteer fire department, but lacks the facilities and equipment to operate and must rely on the New Augusta fire department which is over ten miles away or the Sunrise department, which is closer but located in Forrest County.

The department has qualified for matching grants in the past to build a new fire station, but say Perry County Supervisors have been unwilling to step in because of a lack of funds.

"At the time that we applied for these grants, the county was unable due to a lack of funds to match the grants we qualified for," said Robert Myers, Volunteer firefighter for both the Sunrise and Indian Springs Communities. "There are some grants that can assist us. So we're in the process of applying for some of those."

It will cost about $40.000 to build a new fire station. If they can get it built other fire agencies have pledged to donate equipment to include fire fighting apparatus.

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