WDAM Viewpoint - Pinebelt Foundation

There’s only a couple more weeks left in the year to make charitable donations in time to be able to count them as deductions for your 2010 income taxes.  If you need help in setting up a fund or contribution ideas on a wide variety of worthwhile charities and causes already in place there is an organization that can help.  The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation was set up as a 501 C-3 non-profit institution by a group of local business and civic leaders in 1997.  As they state in their literature, the Foundation is a central institution to receive gifts from individuals, businesses, and organizations who whish to support not-for-profit organizations in the Pine Belt.  The Foundation invests and manages these gifts and their proceeds.  The Board of Directors and professional staff understands the local issues, opportunities, and resources that shape our communities.  They monitor all areas of community need…including human services, city and neighborhood development, education, the environment, healthcare, and the arts.  The Foundation is one of over 700 such community giving resources operating in the United States today…all offering donors a variety of ways to touch their community through philanthropic giving.  I have talked in depth with the leadership of this organization and have been touched and impressed by the work they are doing.  Seven on Your Side has done stories about them as well.  We commend them to you.   You can look up the phone number for The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation or go to their website at www.PineBeltFoundation.org for more information. 


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