Tae Kwon Do instructor teaches confidence and life skills

By Colleen Donovan - bio | email

HATTIESBURG, MS. (WDAM) - Brandon Greene is the owner and chief instructor of the Hattiesburg TaeKwonDo Academy. He teaches students of all ages starting at four years old the tenets and practices of the martial art form.

"And the best part about what we do is that we really focus on teaching the kids life skills, how to interact with other people, social skills, things that are really going to help them out as they grow up in life," said Greene.

Greene explained that TaeKwonDo is an effective martial arts form because it focuses on staying on your feet.

According to Greene, "We want to stay on our feet, that is where we can protect ourselves the most. It's also easier to get away on your feet as well."

He has been running the academy since 2003.

"We want our students when they go out in the world to feel safe, to feel confident. We want them to have the ability to protect themselves should something happen," said Greene.

Greene also works to instill a family atmosphere at his academy and gives back to the community by hosting free self defense classes and helping local charitable organizations.

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