Vice President of Student Affairs talks on Sigma Phi Epsilon

By Ontario Richardson

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -  As Southern Miss Vice President of Student Affairs Joe Paul headed to the university's commencement ceremony he's still dealing with Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity issues.

"Unfortunately there were a series of events over time where this fraternity fail to govern their own member in a way that we would want to see them do it.  In most things it is a few that takes down a whole," said Paul.

Paul did not go into details about the beating of 19- year-old Stuart Ramsey that occurred on December 4th but did say the victim is doing fine.

"Stuart Ramsey is a fine young man. He finished his first semester. He came back down on Monday and assisted in the investigation.  We have checked with him every day. He  fully expects to be back in the spring semester," said Paul.

As for 21- year-old  Chase Lagarde, he is in the Forrest County Jail on aggravated assault charges.