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Viewpoint - Barbarians at the Gate

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Almost lost among all the talk about enhanced scanning and frisking at airports, there is an ever growing danger along our Southern border that is getting comparatively scant attention. The Mexican drug cartels who, for a while, were content with just shooting it out among themselves along the border towns adjacent to the U.S. have upped the ante.  They have crossed the line from criminality to terrorism and anarchy.  In an apparent effort to take over the towns along the border to use for their own drug dealing and distribution purposes…they are staging horrendous attacks on the innocent populations. 


Example…a teenager’s birthday party is attacked and basically everyone killed, including a number of beheadings.  Kidnappings and random killings are occurring on both sides of the border.  Recently they have taken to using bombs—more especially hand grenades—to blow up and maim the citizenry.  For the most part the Mexican police are either too corrupt or inept to deal with these super gangsters.  The Mexican Army, while generally thought to be mostly on the side of the angels, simply doesn’t have the manpower or firepower to match these huge well-funded and well-armed outlaw bands. 


So far the United States military has been rebuffed in our offers to help clean out this growing threat that is increasingly jeopardizing our citizens.  With the world literally teetering on the brink of economic chaos, nuclear terrorism and wide spread anarchy against established governments…we had better prepare our military for more than just fighting on one or two fronts in the Middle East. 


The barbarians are at the gates and we’d best not be taking fiddle lessons while they light their torches. 


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