WDAM Viewpoint- Pearl Harbor 21st Century Style

December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day…the day our country was plunged into World War II by the sneak attack by the Japanese on our navy at Pearl Harbor in 1941.  Many have compared September 11th and the attack by Muslim Terrorist on the World Trade Center as the "Pearl Harbor" of this generation.  I'm not so sure.

If Pearl Harbor had happened during this politically correct era I can just see the way it would be handled.  Probably something like…a group of pilots of Japanese descent bombed the U.S. Naval Fleet stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii today.  These pilots are a part of the extremist "Imperialistic" followers of the Emperor of Japan whom they see as divine.  They are in no way to be connected with the wonderful citizens of the ancient civilization of Japan or their ethnic family around the world most of whom are peace loving and do not hold to this extremist view.  Some have gone so far as to characterize Japan, Germany where the government is headed by the parliamentary elected National Socialist Party and Italy under the leadership of the charismatic politician Benito Mussolini as an Axis…bent on the destruction of the democracies of the world.  There is scant evidence that such an official Axis exists except in the narrow minds of misguided people.  Many have wondered why the bulk of America's Navy was involved in aggressive war games in Hawaii…not even one of our states.  While many will cry for war…we apologize for America's capitalistic transgressions and call for cooler heads and diplomacy to bring us together with this misunderstood trio of countries who's only desire is for us all to live together under one banner.

Thankfully…the greatest generation didn't think that way and went on to save the world from enslavement.  I'm Jim Cameron…write and let us know what you think.