WDAM Viewpoint - Freeze Federal Employment

President Obama took a good first step to address the nation's federal debt when he proposed a two year pay freeze for federal civilian workers. The plan, which must be approved by Congress would save taxpayers some 28 billion over five years.

Wage freezes are nothing new in the private sector during this recession… but it's big news when the protected class of federal employees are subjected to it………..and the president heard almost immediately from union leaders who called the freeze a slap at working people. A slap indeed….federal employment has grown in this country by an astounding 17% since 2007 and according to a recent analysis by USA Today the total compensation for federal workers has risen 37% over 10 years----compared to under 9% for private workers.

The true slap that is needed in Washington---in addition to the pay freeze on federal workers---is a hiring freeze on federal workers.  It's time to ask the question folks, does the state exist to serve the people, or are we working simply to support the state?  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's "Viewpoint".  Let us know what you think.