Viewpoint - Scanning and Pat Downs

A lot of you probably flew to see family and loved ones over this past Thanksgiving holiday.  I stayed at home and thus have yet to experience the newly instituted enhanced body scans and/or pat downs at airports that has everyone so upset.

I've seen pictures and reports on TV and heard people on both sides of the issue go on and on.  But, it seems these days we go on and on about almost any and everything.  The folks in charge of implementing the super X-Ray body scans and the uber-personal pat downs say they will help catch or deter terrorists.  Others say we've gone too far and are crossing a line because we are too politically correct to abandon the random screenings and more closely examine those who might be more likely to actually be terrorists.  Then there are the charges that this would be profiling.

I'm not saying we should profile based on ethnicity…but there are some people that we would probably be just as safe not frisking or scanning.  Little children, for example or the elderly and/or infirm.  People that it makes no common sense to suspect.  Granted it is a "touchy" problem—pun intended.  Right now on we are running a web poll on what you think about the new scanning and pat down procedures at airports.  Go to our website and let us know what you think.  We'll let you know what the web poll says.

I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.  Contact Jim Cameron at