What's in a name? A lot if it's "Hudson"

You've heard the old saying "what's in a name". Well, apparently plenty is... if your last name is Hudson. The Hudson name has been a part of South Mississippi retail chain for over 70 years but now there's a fight over who has control of the name.

Channel Control Merchants, the owners of Hudson's Treasure Hunt and Hudson's Dirt Cheap have filed a complaint in Forrest county Chancery Court seeking an injunction to stop the owners of newly opened, Hudson's Outlet from using the Hudson name.

Two months ago, Billy Hudson Sr.  and three partners opened Hudson's outlet.  Using their Hudson family name.

State Senator Billy Hudson Sr., whose father founded the original Hudson's salvage store in Palmers Crossing in 1954, got out of the business 15 years ago when he sold his interest to his son , Bill Jr..   CCM and Bill Jr.  were partners in the Treasure Hunt and Dirt Cheap stores until he sold his shares in 2009.

Dirt Cheap and Treasure Hunt owners say the new Hudson's Outlet is causing confusion for shoppers and they are passing out leaflets to their customers saying there is no link between the two companies.

In its complaint CCM claims it owns the name Hudson, and Billy Hudson Sr. and his company is infringing on a trademark.  The suit asks the courts to prevent Hudson Sr.  from using the name in connection with the insurance salvage business and that CCM be awarded damages.

Michael Shemper, who represents Billy Hudson Sr. would not comment on pending litigation except to say he plans to vigorously defend Senator Hudson's company.

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