Cyber Monday

By Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) -  If you didn't cash in on the sales this Black Friday, then you may be one of the 100 million Americans who went online instead.

To Andrew Waites, President of Hattiesburg's Evalueville, this Cyber Monday may be one for the books.

"It could be a record day with over a billion dollars in sales today alone that would certainly surpass last year. And the highest day ever of retail sales was about 914 billion dollars,"said Waites.

You can find great deals in stores but besides the convenience of online, WDAM's Web Manager David McRaney says the day for digital is a retailers marketing tool.

"Its become a promotional thing, and so Cyber Monday has become a term that people use to help promote their special deals. Usually most stores have a couple of extra super special deals on Monday following thanksgiving," said McRaney.

The Cyber Monday promotion isn't just for sales, retailers and online sites are promoting free shipping according to Waites.

"What we have seen is that the increase in the sales price more than off sets the free shipping benefit. So, as you see small retailers like Evalueville doing that and then large retailers doing it as well it a boom for the whole shipping industry," said Waites.

The combination of promotional sales and free shipping can certainly help mark off that Christmas list while marking up the economy. Shipping companies and retailers are even adding more workers for the next month.