Black Friday in Hattiesburg

By Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM)-  Turtle Creek Mall was overwhelmed with Black Friday shoppers, even the little kids were looking for a deal.

From store to store, shoppers found some of the lowest discounts. According to Tina Smith, salesperson for New Orleans Specialty Candles, the customers took advantage .

"Sales have been really good. Especially with our specialty candles because if you buy one you get one 50% off on the second so it has been real good this morning," said Smith.

People woke up before the crack of dawn to grab the best bargains for Christmas, but for Dushyante James's family there is no distance great enough to keep them from a good deal.

"We are hear to take advantage of the best bargain we can possibly find. We are here from Texas so it is a little bit different. My son wanted to air jordans that they normally run out of, but it was real easy here at foot locker to acquire those," said James.

With people coming from far and wide to catch those holiday sales you can expect some major crowds, but shopper Gayle Graves it is who you are  shopping for that makes it worth it.

"All for the family," said Graves.

With crowds being coming into town to shop from dawn till dusk, it seems that there is another successful Black Friday for the history books.